1925 Society


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Thank you to all of our 2016-2017 supporters!

Lily Hsu, Connie McKenzie, Hanan Mitry, Corinne Powers, Carin Schneller-Carr

LEAGUE LEADER: $500 – $999
Jane Short, Ginger Van de Water

LEAGUE ADVOCATE: $250 – $499
Margaret Beale, Maura Boswell, Bobbie Gribble, Katie Gribble, Debra Griggs, Christy Hamlin, Becky Lawson, Amanda Lloyd, Oriana McKinnon, Emily Mills, Cora Tower, Tiffany Williams, Jessie Yarborough

LEAGUE PARTNER: $100 – $249
Betty Coyle, Gaye Deal, Mary Denny, Cristen Fletcher, Betsy Glover, Rachel Jiral, Lenora Mathews, Shanon Miller, Erin Rice, Linda Spruill, Lois Strode, Carole Temple, Elizabeth Williams, Terry Yates

Meredith Comin, Stephanie Cook, Courtney Davio, Brenda Exum, Tianna Garland, Virginia T. Lawrence, Sherri Mapp-Jones, Julia Messer, Sara Myers, Annmarie Pagel, Lauren Roberts, Christa Ross, Melissa Tempest, Sarah Wong

This list includes donations received between June 1, 2016 – March 1, 2017. Thank you for your support of the Junior League of Norfolk-Virginia Beach, Inc. and our legacy of serving those in the community!

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