New Member Retreat 2021

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A new membership year brings a new group of women eager to join us on our mission of making an impact in the community for women and children. This year, the Junior League of Norfolk-Virginia Beach welcomed 29 inspiring women. On September 25th, the New Member Committee hosted these women in Virginia Beach for a Retreat. This event teaches new members on the history of our League, its impact in the South Hampton Roads community, and allows the women to meet one another and their mentor. For fun, members played a team-building activity where they discovered that most of them are dog lovers, no one identifies as being shy, and 4 said they are not afraid of anything.

This group of women will work with the American Red Cross for the League’s annual Blood Drive, among other community projects.

Welcome to the 2021-2022 New Member Class:
Alexandra Hiser
Jennifer Perry
Stacy Petromanolakis
Elizabeth Williams
Patrice Antoine
Paige Melton
Alexandra Bashkoff
Jennifer Towery
Stephanie Prouty
Madeline Alden
LeighAnna Morris
Melanie Israel
Katherine O’Rourke
Michaela D’Angelo
Annaliese Lemieux-Kaplan
Clare Boyle
Elana McGovern
Robyn Walters
Tiffany Brown
Brittney Gillies
Amanda Otto
Allison Samson
Liza Doswell
Johnita Forbes
Pierce Lopez
Adriana Taizan
Lindsay Johnson
Tracy Kummers
Alexandra Hutcheson


Photos by Chelsey O’Boyle