JLNVB Year Celebrated at Annual Soiree

2015 New Members, Now First-Year Actives

The Annual Soiree held on May 18, 2016 was a celebration of the year’s accomplishments and recognition of our Members. To read more about the JLNVB’s accomplishments this year, read our annual newsletter.

Congratulations to all of our 2015-2016 League Award Winners. We are grateful for your service and dedication to the JLNVB!

Community Partner of the Year
St. Mary’s Home

Community Impact Award
Zoe Hardy

League Leadership Award
Lauren Kincade

Outstanding Chair
Tyler Carmack and Natalie Rice

Outstanding Committee Member
Jessie Markley

Provisional of the Year
Lauren Roberts

Sustainer of the Year
Ginger Van de Water

Mentor of the Year
Carin Schneller-Carr

League Light Award

Katie Gribble

Member of the Year
Jenny Snyder

President’s Award for Outstanding Chair
Karin Von Kaenel

President’s Award for Outstanding Committee Member 
Christa Ross and Jillian Goodwin

President’s Award for Outstanding Board Member
Betsy Glover