JLNVB: 2021-2022 Slate

Congratulations to our 2021-2022 JLNVB Leadership Team!


Board of Directors

President: Erin Rice

President-Elect: Amanda Bryer

Executive Vice President: Annamarie Pagel

Secretary: Erin Clements

Treasurer: Jillian Snyder

Nominating Chair: Danielle Progen

Board Member At-Large, Active: Shanon Miller


Management Team

Administrative Vice President:  Brittani Garcia

Treasurer-Elect: Katy Carlsward

Membership Vice President: Kerry Stolz

Community Vice President: Milena Radovic

Communications Vice President: Cassidy Wright

Fund Development Vice President: Kris Scheihing

Training and Development Vice President: Betsy Zimmerman

Sustaining Advisor: Lori Collins


Diversity and Inclusion Chair 

Christin Carey


Nominating Committee

Renee Britton

April Mann

Lauren Barry


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